MindBeauty Provides Protection and Customization to Sports Teams with Its AM99 Mask

AM99 Face Masks

MindBeauty's AM99 face mask can be ordered in bulk by athletic teams and customized to provide players with fashionable protection from COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, and this is especially true for athletes who play on organized sports teams. From venues packed with fans and excitement to empty stadiums, gyms, and arenas, to the necessity of wearing a face mask for protection, this year has been full of change.

MindBeauty, the San Francisco-based company behind the innovative AM99TM line of protective and reusable face masks, has created a product that's lab certified and, thanks to its proprietary nanotechnology, provides a physical barrier that neutralizes COVID-19 respiratory droplets on contact. All of this and more make it a great option for teams who are on the road traveling for games. 

But, beyond the thorough protection, the AM99 mask provides, sports teams also have the opportunity to place bulk orders for customized face masks for their teams. 

The color of the cloth and earloops as well as the placement of the team's logo all work together to create a one-of-a-kind look. 

"We know this year hasn't been easy, so we wanted to give athletes everywhere the opportunity to customize their masks as a sign of unity with their teammates," said Joei Lau, Founder of MindBeauty, "We're excited to give athletes and fans alike the ability to show their team pride with our AM99 mask," Lau noted. 

The AM99 reusable, cotton-based mask, is made with an innovative seam design that creates space for breathing comfort, adjustable earloops for customization, and a nose bridge supporter.

All of these design components create a more comfortable fit while providing maximum protection to the wearer and those around them which is especially beneficial for players and coaching staff.

While the customization options are an added bonus, the true differentiation of the AM99 mask from any other mask on the market lies in its durability and innovation which includes:

  • JIS L1902 certified, which is the standard that specifies methods to determine the antibacterial effectiveness of woven and non-woven textile products. 
  • Lab research has shown that after 70 hand washes, the AM99 mask remains effective in neutralizing 99.9 percent of MRSA-resistant pathogens used in testing. 
  • Proprietary nanotechnology provides a physical barrier and neutralizes COVID-19 respiratory droplets on contact. 
  • Research has shown 95 percent viral de-activation efficiency within two hours, decreasing the chances of viral transmission. 

"The AM99 mask is able to maintain an effectively sterile environment to limit the contamination of other surfaces around the wearer and on the wearer's mask making it the right choice for athletes, coaching staff, and fans," Lau noted.

Place your bulk order of customized AM99 face masks, today.

About AM99 

MindBeauty created the AM99™ line of protective face masks as a response to the heightened need for simple and effective solutions to contain, protect against, and minimize the effects of the global outbreak. The result is a reusable face mask that is an effective, safe, and fashionable option that's early-to-market for users and outperforms other masks in the market landscape. Learn more at am99tech.com

Tiffany Kayar

Source: Mind Beauty